SDP Review and Evaluation 2015/2016





Maintenance Area

New Area




Review of SDP Action Plan  2015/16

Science Programme Training with STEM for all year groups.  PRSD lessons.


Raising/Maintaining standards.  Targetted areas where 2% increase not achieved (mental maths and authorial techniques).

Continue Science Programme for all Year Groups.


Work to continue raising these areas.


Key role of co-ordinators working with SLT to monitor outcomes.


Pupils PASS test

PASS (Sept 16 to March 17).  Pupil attitude school survey.


Leadership and Management

Engaged all staff in IIP Process and achieved Gold Award.



Continue to embed IIP criteria in developing people skills  in key areas identified in report


World Book 2 Day Programme – 3,4 March

Consider engaging in IIP sharing good practice with other organisations.



SLT Training and Development


Range of courses

VP/ICT co-ordinator released to CCEA as moderators

Will continue to offer appropriate management opportunities to each member of the SLT.


Training and Development for curriculum co-ordinators.


Communication Co-ordinator

Policy and training completed.

Continue to embed authorial techniques

Revisit First Steps Writing Genre Programme.  Develop Reading approach and phonics



New communication co-ordinator to be trained.




Assessment Co-ordinator

Revised tracking system in place

Refine and develop tracking system combining GL Comparison Reports and Assessment Manager at both class teacher and SLT levels

Plan for the end of KS Levels.  The implementation of English, Mathematics and UICT

To actually utilise Assessment Manager effectively.


Speech and Language

Speech and Language Therapy – 1 morning per week for two and half terms for Nursery and Yr1 pupils.


ELKLAN programme.




Extended Schools Programme

Action Plan timetable of clubs for financial year 2015/16 completed

Draw down budget available.  Plan programme based on identified needs of stakeholders.

Reduced programme due  to budget available

Children to perform for local community.



Smoothie day for classes each term.



Community Links ECO Project

Green Flag.  Action plan completed.  Supporting ECO co-ordinator with financial assistance and a public forum to engage the school community. Green Flag achieved June 2016.




Season Veggie Pals/with adjustments.

ECO targets must be added to schemes and plans to ensure consistency.

Every class is growing something in a new plot.




Photocopying Facilities

Rental of new photocopier on a three year lease for the office.  Annual Rental £1000

Company gifted a new photocopier for staff resource area (MJ Flood)

Recycling bin beside photocopier.



Security System

Purchased a camera and TV monitoring system for the school at the cost of £3,500


One camera for each corridor in main school if finance is available



Classroom Furniture, Flooring and Interactive Whiteboard

Purchased chairs, tables, storage units, whiteboard and flooring at the cost of £6,000

Continuing replacement programme for classroom furniture, tables, chairs, units etc.

Same resources required for additional Year 6 in the new school year

Nursery ‘Quiet Area’ floor needs refurbished.  Covered area outside would facilitate the outdoor curriculum.


Information System in the Main Entrance

TV system cabled and linked to the computer in the office costing £900





Refurbishment of Library

Factual books for all three Key Stages.  Story sacks for Nursery/Foundation Stage and a computer system for research.  Pupils cushioning mats and other resources at the cost of £10,000




Continue to expand Book Resources


Library app to scan books at the cost of £350.00


Table and chairs for library.


Library corner.




Review of contents and use of Maths, Science and Technology area

Audit of existing and required resources.  Purchase of maths resources for practical work at the cost of £700.


Purchase of a full range of Science resources to be held by Year Teams.  Large/Less used items to be stored centrally.  Cost of £3,000





Continue to replenish broken and damaged items and make use of for its core purpose




Resources renewed annually.

Lego – create motorised kit.


Outdoor Resources

Range of outdoor toys:  24 bicycles, 24 helmets, 2 castles 2 play houses at the cost of £7,000


Continue to replenish broken items

Outdoor play equipment for KS1.



PR Programme



Open Days

Parents Meetings

Curriculum Meetings

Seasonal Events

Puppet shows for new entry Nursery/Year 1

Breakfast with Santa

Confirmation, First Communion, Stations of The Cross.

Each of foregoing will continue to happen.



Puppet shows continuing/ongoing. Year 1 co-ordinator visits feeder nurseries and play groups in the area.


Regular update of website and Facebook page.



Year 6/7 pupils share experiences with parents.

More opportunities to meet teachers before starting Nursery.


Interact with outside businesses.  Credit Union Quiz. 







PR Programme continued

Promotional Flyers


Big Bedtime Read

All of the above has been achieved.

Speakers invited into the school.


Refreshments after events to promote school wider distribution – visiting old people’s homes.


Participation in Feis


Summer Scheme for tots.

Toddlers group.

Mother and Toddler Group for pre-school children 1 ½ hours per week.

School Re-union.


Website/Facebook page and TV in Main Hall to promote events

Each is used weekly



Encouraging middle managers to promote their achievements and success.  PDMU, E-Safety, Leaflet, PE, range of extra curricular clubs


Will continue to develop number of users for website.  Orla and Danielle will co-ordinate


Continuing to develop these areas including class and school councils.  Orla and Danielle.

Sharing photographs of events and activities on facebook.  Staff folder ‘facebook’ to put pictures in for uploading.

Year 6/7 pupil testimonial for flyers and website.


Sharing displays on facebook.










Monitor on a monthly basis or more frequently if required

Monthly monitoring identified discrepancies which had to be followed up with EA.  Report to Governors at each meeting and to chair of financial sub-committee

Will continue this practice.


Draw up final draft of Financial Plan in consultation with governors and with advice from LMS Officer, EA.



Take account of increased National Insurance, Superannuation and percentage pay rise for staff.



Raising Standards in Communication and Using Mathematics








Expansion of GL programme, new tests bought including group reading tests and spelling, mental maths and PASS Tests.



Data used to produce reports from Assessment Manager, provided for teachers by SLT.


End of Key stage data unavailable due to Union action.



PASS to be implemented in September




Test timetables for Yr1-Yr7 in place. GL assessments have been completed.


Half term assessments used to inform planning, teaching and learning and to track progress.



All parents to receive half-term test outcomes for signing.



PASS audit, Group reading tests, mental maths tests, spelling tests to take place.







Use of CATS combination report to enhance tracking and target setting.  Year 3 to use CATs tests.


Link GL comparison report with assessment manager module 2.


Mental maths tests to be completed in September.






Assessment Manager Module 2 revision training completed 27 May and 9 June 2016.


ICT level 4 confirmed by CEA.



Yr4-Yr7 Tracking Grid implemented until Assessment Manager fully functioning.


Teachers to complete PTM and PTE tracking grids. SLT to analyse tracking and identify target groups.


CATS tests completed for all Yr3, Yr4 and Yr6 pupils.


STAR tests completed for all Yr3 to Yr7 pupils.


Accelerated Reading Workshop completed 3 May 2016.



Development of coding (Scratch) whole school display from level 1 to 5.









CATS used as comparative baseline for PTE and PTM.


On-going tracking of reading ages linked to intervention strategies.



Minecraft education to be further developed.






Link with new GL reports.



Music Technology



Language Development


WellComm programme has been completed to identify pupils with language issues in Nursery and Year 1.


Teachers identify areas of difficulty.

Retest to monitor progress and set targets.


Review teaching of reading lessons across all key stages.


Revisit First Steps Writing genre.


Authorial Techniques



Teacher focus for guided reading.



Evidence in planners/ books of techniques being taught.


Staff training on authorial techniques.


Speech and Language programme


WellComm Programme for children identified as red are given group sessions by the speech therapist weekly.


Reassessment to monitor progress.


Continue to involve parents through workshops


Encourage further participation by parents.



Accelerated Reading


All pupils Y3-7 base-lined using Star Test and making individual progress with teacher guidance.


Continue to embed this area. Programme is on-going. To encourage the love of reading and raise standards.









Introduce year group challenges to stimulate reading


School Library


£12,000 spent on books, computer and furnishings.

Timetable in place.

Official opening with Josie Cusack on Nov 15.

Assistant employed for one hour per day to maintain and upkeep library.


On-going development of timetable.


Combined timetable for library to accommodate circle time and reading

(30-40 minute slots).


Extend to borrowing books from the library.

Using Mathematics


All pupils engaged in variety of investigational activities as evidenced through planners and evaluation/pupil books.


Sharper focus on Mental Maths with ten minute lesson introduction



Evidence in planners and weekly test books.  Mental Maths strategy workshop completed in August.  Pack of resources distributed. 

Consistent tracking of all pupils at class year & SLT level.


Consistent whole school approach to mental maths.  Use of mental maths test in June for analysis on staff day in August.




All parents to receive half-term outcomes for signing – every year group.


Revisiting Place Value.





Levelling workshop

1-5 completed IPad overview completed and embedded - Linked to ICT schemes.


Coding workshop completed.


Introduction to Minecraft by Danielle and Alan.


Animation & Scratch workshops delivered by Nerve Centre to some Year Groups in KS2.


Completion of CEA tasks.  Developing a Scratch Coding Programme within each year group and producing a whole school display to reflect L1-L5





Further development of coding and Minecraft.  Follow up levelling workshop with agreement trialling.







I Movie training by Nerve Centre.  Development of sound to incorporate music using garage band.

WAU – Science

3 STEM days given to all year groups.  This involved planning, team teaching and resource provision.  A STEM consultant worked with all year groups to deliver the programme.


Produce overview for STEM topics already covered.


Refine programme in consultation with WAU co-ordinator, teachers and consultant.

Create STEM topics to further tailor programme.  STEM team to do ‘AM’ sessions only. 




Resources purchased for all classes – Geography atlases and History artefacts.



Produce a second overview grid of new STEM topics to be covered next year.



School Gaelic team established and currently competing in leagues Yr4-7.


Cross Country Running Club set up and well attended on seasonal basis.


Engage new pupils annually and continue to upskill.


Promoting healthy lifestyles.



School lunchtime 5 a side competition/netball competition.


Percussion boxes purchased for all Key Stage Groups.  Evidence of some year groups using instruments at assemblies.


Need to encourage all classes to become involved.



Instruments to be incorporated into music lessons every second week with Charlotte.  Teacher to video on IPad to support practice.


Staff workshop on how to use instruments.





E-Safety leaflet completed.

Distribution to parents



Sex Education Programme ‘New Beginnings’ for consideration.





Additional Needs




New IEP format in use across school







Dyslexia children identified and supported, using GL screener test.

Redraft Additional Needs Policy and review practices and procedures with whole staff.


Training teaching support staff and assistants.


Apps used to enhance learning of additional needs pupils.





Teachers use advice provided by dyslexia screener report.

Implement updated policy, practices and procedures.




Review processes for parents signing all IEPs






Dyslexia friendly classroom training workshop for all staff.






Look at use of apps and software.  Explore assisted technology to support Additional Needs groups/individuals.

Pupil Support Groups

Support groups set up and implemented using GL data.

Year 2-7 pupils receiving literacy and numeracy support.  Booster groups provided from year 4-7.  Reading partnership Year 3-7.





Feed in GL combination report to this process and re-organise the timetable for support groups.


Pupil Support Groups

Gifted children are challenged through differentiation in classrooms. Accelerated reading develops additional language for these learners.


Give a continued focus to these groups



Use of mathematics to continually challenge these children including Mathletics.


Parental Involvement

Three speech therapy workshops delivered by speech therapist to support parents and pupils who were identified by WellComm.  Disappointing response after moving time from evening to afternoons.


Workshops for Speech and Language may be moved to morning sessions.



Application for funding to deliver the Getting Ready to Learn Programme for Nursery parents.  GRTL consists of Big Bedtime read.  Funding approved June 2016.


Nurturing School

Reviewed and evaluated each term. Individuals identified by teachers and places allocated by Nurture Centre teacher and SENCO. Same strategy applied in Nursery Nurture.


Continue to embed Nurturing principles at whole school level. Enhance use of nurture corners. Nurture funding secured until end of March 2017.


Continuing to embed Nurture Principles and ethos.  


Continuing to embed emotional emoji to begin the day.



Most caring pupil award introduced in September 2013.

Revisited the Anti-Bullying Complaints Policy due to issues that arose in December. Additional positive strategies adopted.


Policies updated.


Developed strategy using pictures of emotions which children use each day across school to empower them to recognise their feelings.



Issues of bullying looked at during circle times and class/school council meetings.


Rotate Anti-Bullying posters on a termly basis.


Most Caring pupil of the month.


Embed feelings process further.


Continue to embed Anti-Bullying Policy.

PASS (pupil’s attitude to school) audit to identify further areas in Yr4/Yr7.


Pilot/Consider playground buddies.


Buddy system.


House points.



E-Safety booklet created by class/school council

Distributed to all children and parents.



Online E-Safety training for pupils from Year 3 to Year 7.


Sex Education programme ‘in the Beginning’ to be considered.


Links with Feeder Schools

Nursery /Post Primary

Visits and liaison with feeder nursery schools


Visits to and from post primary & meetings with staff.


Continue with the process.



Year 7 to 8 transition project which includes a focus on Numeracy in partnership with St Therese’s Primary School and St Brigid’s College.

Records of Achievement

Revising contents of ROA for Year 7 .

Record developed by including personal projects, Confirmation booklets and certificates etc.


Create Leaving Certificate to be added to ROA.





PRSD – Teaching Staff

Two lessons completed for all staff.



Impacted upon by Union action during Autumn Term.  (Completed Spring/Summer Term)

Peer PRSD did not happen owing to Union action.





Staff Review and Development

Review of individual staff training needs.



Opportunity for further development courses for teaching/non teaching staff.


LSA Staff Review/Development system to be set up with initial meeting at the beginning of the school year.


Inform process by setting targets.


LSA will have a short annual visit from one member of the SLT.  Feedback to be given.


Staff Development LSAs

Involvement in Pastoral Care Training Days.

Continued involvement of the LSAs in relevant staff training.






Investors in People

Achieved Gold Award/Certificate/Plaque/ Report.


Audit competed for IIP.


Met 184/195 of the criteria.


Consultant met with SLT and individual staff to prepare.


Principal and SLT to continue to empower staff to take responsibility for their development and develop leadership skills.


Consider the implications for involving our school in sharing good practice/expertise of the IIP process with other organisations.


Literacy – SEN CPD

2 members of staff completed a certified course with St Mary’s College and used this training to support literacy groups.  Workshops developed for all staff on SEN/Strategies .


Implementation of learning from course and how it has impacted on literacy support groups.




Mental Mathematics

All staff have completed workshop.

Planners amended and embedded in classroom practice.


Continue to embed Mental Maths strategies.

Re-introduce GL Mental Maths tests for all pupils in September.





Induction of New Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff.

Trained on the job by Year Team  Leader including planning, preparation and


Preparation of resources.

GL and half term Test Cycle.

All co-ordinators contributed to induction.

Liaising on a regular basis with new teachers.

Year Team Training in Yr3,4.


PRSD process.


Continued partnership with Year Group colleague.

Liaising with co-ordinators


New teachers to be appointed to meet  increased pupil numbers and a retirement.




Opportunities for external courses to network with other beginning teachers.


Induction of New Staff Teaching and Non-Teaching

Yr3 and Yr4 staff inducted by year group leader.



Monitor Year Team Teachers role in developing skills of new staff.

Review/Development of staff and assistants by SLT.

Opportunity to attend more courses.  Teachers and non-teaching staff.


Induction of Newly Appointed LSAs

Inducted by class teachers.


Extended Schools’ Co-ordinator if involved in clubs.


Epilepsy Training for all LSAs.

First Aid Training for all LSAs and supervisors.

Nurture Centre Training for all staff.




Staff review development for assistants.








Induction of Communication Co-ordinator


On the job training by Principal.


External Course 2 day by end of June.

Further co-ordinator training if available from EA and in school by SLT.




Levelling workshop (Levels 1-4).


Coding and introduction of Minecraft.


New IPad overview scheme implemented by all year groups.

Develop scratch project with each class.


Whole School displays of completed tasks.

Coding – Expanded to work with outside industry groups.

Development of sound-garage band for composition of music and radio adverts.







IMovie training to take place in 2016-2017.


WAU Science

STEM consultant worked with year teams to present topics in class setting to prepare lesson plans.



Refine and consolidate present programme.



Pacing introduction to new topics.

Develop overview grids to ensure effective planning.






Liaise with Year Group teachers.

Topics identified from Science Year Scheme from next year’s programme.




Assessment Manager

Initial training completed for SLT on Assessment Manager and all staff.




Module 2 Assessment Manager.

Review approach annually to ensure consistency.

Assessment Manager used by all staff to track and help inform target groups.


Developing the Nurturing School




Completed – training day for all staff with Mary McKerrall


Review/Develop workshop with Mr McCloskey to revisit nurturing principles and ways to implement them with parents.

Review each term to ensure consistency for all classrooms.


Continue key stage groups based on identified need and individual counselling sessions for special cases.

emoJi – emotional faces.

Feelings strategy implemented by all classes.



Nursery Nurture

Pupils in Nursery Nurture for 2 terms.



Worked with parents in stand-alone workshops to support parenting skills.


Outside visits took place to develop talking and listening.


Nursery children will continue to be supported.


Continue with Parental Workshops in identified areas.


Outside visits to continue as appropriate.