SDP Review and Evaluation 2013/2014




Maintenance Area

New Area




Completion of SDP and associated action plans for 2013/2016.



Training and development opportunities in line with schools’ priorities.

Prepare for IIP Gold Award Application. Continue to involve co-ordinators in the PRSD process and peer collaboration.

Plan a programme of events for 40th anniversary celebrations.


Deferred to Autumn 2015.  Imelda McDaid training sessions.

NI Curriculum

Raising Standards

UICT curriculum development including iPads.


Accelerated Reading development of English comprehension skills and maths investigation based on GL outcomes. 


Review of WAU policy completed.

Continued development of UICT.


Ongoing development of aspects of English and Mathematics based on GL outcomes.


Implementation of WAU Policy ongoing.



Pastoral Care

Nurture principles training for whole staff.

Ongoing implementation across the school.



Special Needs

Revised support groups based on targets/test outcomes.  CPD literacy training all staff.


Continue to develop




Nursery/Foundation Stage

Nursery additional play resources for outside and inside play areas £4,000.


Floor rugs purchased for nursery and FS Classes £1,500.


New fencing for safety purposes £1,800.

Continue to upgrade identified classrooms in KS1/2.









Seating areas and rugs to be cleaned on a regular basis.

Wiring for Play Park extended.



£12,000 for books for Accelerated Reading and Star Tests.

£500 for WellComm Programme.

Additional WellComm Programme £720 (one off fee)

Star Tests renewal £1,200.

Additional Books £2,000.


Additional books for Nursery, Yr1 and Yr2 Units – classroom libraries. 


New addition of WellComm available and can be accessed online.




Additional IPads purchased £1800.

Website set up £1,000.









Set up school Facebook Page enhanced with restrictions to ensure child protection.  Computers and printers needed for transformation.

Nurture Centre

£300 for resources, equipment and materials.


Nurture Training.

Develop whole school Nurturing approach.

Mary McKerrell Nurture Training.



Breakfast with Santa.


Big Bedtime Read.


Open Day.


Community celebrations.


Seasonal Celebrations.




Talent Show.


Painting and repairing a range of equipment in Nursery and Year 1/3.


Flooring replacement in Foundation and KS1 £6,000.


Painting Programme

All internal doors painted £2,000.


Painting programme to continue in classroom.



Spending kept within budget allocation.


Unexpected saving channelled into additional Nursery/FS resources £4,000

Continuing to utilise budget to meet prioritised needs identified in SDP action plan.


Refurbishment for 40th Anniversary.  New doors and upgrade reception area £15,000.

Accommodation and Resources

Foundation Stage additional play resources for outside and inside play areas £2,000.





Resources must be maintained, stored and cleaned regularly. 

Additional toys to be bought to replace broken ones.



Raising Standards

End of key stage outcomes not available owing to Union action (all).


GL data analysed and targets set.


Majority of pupils achieved their targets in both subjects.


Overall GL results are in line with CATs scores.


GL identified target groups and individuals informed our planning and preparation.


Accelerated Reading Star Test Yr3-Yr5.  Dyslexia and Dyscalculia for identified pupils needing targetted interventions.  Support groups set up.

Potential target groups set up based on all available and appropriate data.


Additional needs booster groups put in place to improve performance.


Use of data to inform staff training  eg  reading activities, mental maths.


Continue to develop WellComm for Nursery/Yr1/Yr2, Accelerated Reading Yr3-7.




Focus on positive rewards for high levels of monthly/termly attendance.




Clarify position on end of Key Stage processes and procedures.

Agree half term tests for all year groups to support target setting and pupil achievement.


Some year groups complete half term tests.  Needs to be extended across all year groups.






Continue to target low attendance and punctuality through school and EWO contact with families.




Assessment Manager Module 2

All teachers and co-ordinators have received an introductory session on this system.

Using Assessment Manager 2 to track at individual and whole school levels.




Assessment manager needs revisited.  Additional whole school training needed.


Need to be able to use system to access information on each student.














Revised Communication Policy and Schemes in place.


Accelerated Reading training for all.

Continued to embed WellComm and Accelerated Reading to develop language, comprehension and reading skills.


Accelerated Reading Club.

Authorial techniques identified as an area which needs further developed.


Revised Maths Policy in place.  Continue to develop problem solving, reasoning and mental maths.


Problem solving reasoning workshop for whole school evidenced in planners.



Handling Data identified as an area which needs further developed.


Gymnastics module for whole school evidenced in planners.




Staff lack confidence in gymnastics.  More development required.


Hydraulics and Pneumatics module implemented in Key Stage 2 – evidenced in planners - models produced by pupils.


Review of WAU Policy, Year Schemes and Themes.



Developing writing skills and thinking skills in World Around Us books.  Redraft  WAU Policy.  Develop Science through STEM workshops.


Revised Positive Behaviour Policy in place.



Review and update Anti-Bullying Policy.



iPad training and development for whole school using Pic Collage, Puppet Pals and iMovie evident in planners, pupils’ work and displays.

Further training in iPad use for iMovie and its appropriate apps.


Continuing to develop these apps.



Revised E Policy in place.



My School and Fronter to be developed after transformation.  Review UICT scheme in line with new CEA tasks.





Complete Music Audit.
















Child Protection

E-Policy update for all staff shared with parents.



Training for all staff and Governors including Supervisors and School Crossing Patrol officers by Principal

Highlighting at assemblies, Circle Time and Class/School Councils.





Positive Behaviour Policy

Implemented with revised school rules.

Class rules to take account of personal jewellery, cosmetic, art/transfers and mobile phones.


Most Caring Pupil of the Month Award

Additional Needs

Booster Classes for improving performance.

Refine IEPs with specific focus on targets.


Extend Literacy and Numeracy provision and booster classes.


Extend Reading Partnership Programme








Ensuring we challenge the most able children.

SEN CPD Literacy Project Training for all staff.


Teacher required to teach extra booster classes.



Nurture Centre Mainstream

Nurture Network Training  for 6 of the core team.

Continue to develop Nurture Programmes to upskill parents in the principles.


Whole staff training on Nurturing Philosophy and approaches.



Nursery Nurture

Nursery Nurture refurbished.  Staff and pupil groups identified.


Parents programme for Nursery Nurture begin.


Develop parents’ programme for Nursery Nurture.



Links with feeder nursery and play groups


Liaison with other schools.



Breakfast with Santa for feeder schools.


Develop Language

Speech Therapy

Elklan Programme established and staff and parents trained.

Speech therapist interventions for selected pupils.














Elklan Cohort 2

Elklan workshop for parents to help develop language.



Teachers received

IPad Training on Pic Collage, Puppet Pals, iMovie.


iMovieGreen Screen and Stop Movie identified staff – only Year 7.

Training on Fronter, My School and continued transformation.



Assistants training on IPads.


IPad, iMovie – training for all staff.  Appropriate apps for each Key Stage.

Team Teaching training in class to support identified teachers.  Informal sharing good practice.

Whole staff training for iMovie, Green Screen and Stop Movie.



Hydraulics and Pneumatics module KS2 evidenced in planners and pupils work.



Audit to find areas of Science that need further developed.

Additional Needs

Complete redraft of Policy Schemes and Themes.



Training for all staff – SEN CPD Literacy Project.


SEN CPD Literacy Training for 4.




Play Policy for Nursery and Foundation Stage needs to be reviewed.


Using Mathematics

Workshop on problem solving and reasoning.

Implementation of these strategies in planners and evidence in pupils’ work.

Handling data and applying mathematical processes.




Redrafted Policy and Year Schemes.



Accelerated Reading Programme training for Years 4-7.


WellComm Training Nursery and Year One.



Implementation of these strategies in planners and evidence in pupils’ work.






Implementation of targets set for Amber and Red pupils.






Year 6 implementing Accelerated Reading Programme.


Year 2 taking forward WellComm with identified pupils.

Creative and Expressive

Art Policy needs to be reviewed.


Review Music provision in mainstream classes.





Induction Programme

Two teachers Year 1 and Year 4 two assistants LSC and Year 1 Special Needs.

Core Co-ordinators will continue to manage the process.  As will year team colleagues class teachers for ongoing induction.






Part-time additional support teacher to be inducted.