St Brigid’s Primary School has been involved in the school development planning process since September 1998.  This is the sixth cycle of the three-year school development planning process engaged in by St Brigid’s staff, governors, parents and pupils.  The present school development priorities which are incorporated in this School Development Plan takes account of:


  1. Department of Education requirements for School Development Planning which have been statutory since September 2005.


  2. The DENI Inspection Report, May 2011.


  3. The requirements of the Investors In People process which the school has engaged in, on four consecutive cycles. (2005 and 2008 Standard, 2012 Silver Award and 2015 Gold Award).


  4. The statutory requirements of the Northern Ireland Curriculum and the Special Educational Needs Disability Order 2003.


  5. CCMS Guidance.


  6. EA – Education Authority Guidance.


  1. The context and environment of the school.


    The final draft of our School Development Plan is outlined in detail within this document. All stakeholders, staff and clients have been involved in the process as appropriate and it has been approved by the Board of Governors.