Aims for Our Pupils

We develop Catholic Education and ethos rooted in gospel values in partnership with parish clergy, parents, pupils, community and CCMS


The governors, principal, staff, parents and pupils of St.Brigid’s are committed to the following aims:



  • Nurture and enrich pupils’ lives through spiritual growth and Sacramental preparation.
  • Achieve high standards and reach their full potential in all areas of the Northern Ireland Curriculum through experiencing a range of effective learning, teaching and assessment strategies.
  • Foster high self-esteem respecting themselves, others and the environment.
  • Develop each pupil holistically in mind, body and spirit.
  • Ensure children experience enjoyment in their school lives in a supportive, stimulating, healthy and safe environment.
  • Infuse thinking skills, develop investigative skills and independent learning in all areas of the curriculum.
  • Ensure a wide variety of experiences and opportunities exist both inside and outside the classroom for pupils.
  • Provide for pupils with special educational needs supportive, structured and appropriate learning opportunities in a range of class settings.
  • Give pupils experience and confidence in the use and application of new technologies to enhance their learning.
  • Encourage listening, mutual understanding, trust, reconciliation and respect for all cultures and people.
  • Ensure inclusion and equality of opportunity for all.
  • Prepare pupils to lead fulfilling and purposeful lives as well rounded and engaged citizens who contribute to the wider community and society.