Action Plan 2016/2017



What will it look like?







A cohesive well developed SLT




Monthly meeting of SLT.   Planned coaching /mentoring of new member.

An effective working team resulting in successful prioritised outcomes.


Principal and Governors.

Dedicated time at SLT and BOG meetings.

1 meeting per month 1.5hrs x 4 people x 9 = £2,700

Continued development of Middle Managers and Initiative Leaders





1 meeting per half term 1.5hrs x 6 x 8 = £3,600


A final draft of three year SDP and associated action plans.

All areas of plan completed eg  Strategic Plan, Action Plans and costed School Development  Plan.

Implementation of First Year of Strategic Plan with associated action plans.

Governors, Principal, SLT, teaching/other staff.

BOG, Principal, SLT and co-ordinators

Time, staff days, directed time.  Sub-cover (if finance permits).

1.5hours x 3 x 18 = £4,050

A completed 3 year financial plan with particular focus on Year 1.

To remain within allocated budget for each Year (staffing and employers costs additional).

To remain within budget allocation and in the black.

BOG and Principal.

BOG, Principal, SLT and Staff.

Allocated budget and dedicated time at SLT and BOG meetings.


PRSD continued development of teaching staff.

Develop teaching skills of all staff.

Evidence of effective planning/delivery in the classroom.

Principal and teachers.

Principal and SLT.

2 observations plus feedback 1 hour x 2 x 17 = £1,700

Staff Development Review.  Continued development of Assistants.

Increase skills and confidence in supporting teachers and pupils.

Evidence in pupils’ work and feedback from teachers.



1 observation plus

½ hour x 18

9 hours x £25 = £225


Continue to raise awareness in the community of the range of services the school provides.

Maintaining a two form entry for mainstream and maximising nursery and special unit’s intake.

Co-ordinators to make use of website/Facebook to promote pupils’ learning.  Successful Year 1 and nursery open days and other community events.

Principal, SLT and co-ordinators.

Principal and SLT.

Budget allocation £500dedicated days and sub cover (if finance is available).


Total: £500



Work life Balance

Motivational talk on life/work balance and the practical implementation for day to day individual activity.

To provide the workshop and examine evidence of important day to day work.

People will reflect on their own situation and adapt appropriately.

Principal and SLT.

Principal, SLT and BOG.

Finance for speaker £300.





Total:  £300



A clean inviting well presented learning environment.


To identify areas in need of repainting and additional deep cleaning.

 Maintenance of forested area/growing beds.

Have painting, cleaning completed by end of August.

Maintenance and upkeep of beds and greenery.

Principal, Building Supervisor and cleaning team.

Eco Team and Leafair Men’s Group

Principal, Building Supervisor and BOG.


Eco committee, Mrs Bonner and Mrs Nash.



Finance for painting, Cleaning £44,135 cleaning costs for year 2016/2017.


Total:  £44,135


End of Key Stages redeveloped in Years 4 and 7 for English,  Mathematics and ICT.


KS1 91% - L2

KS2 87% - L4



KS1 – 92% - L2

KS2 – 87% - L4



Achievement of targets at end of Key Stage.

Principal, SLT, Core co-ordinators.

Principal, SLT and Core Co-ordinators.

Sub cover

4 people x 2 days = £2,000




Total:  £2,000

A cohesive co-ordinated approach to the teaching of UICT.

KS1 – 91% - L2

KS2 – 87% - L4

KS2 - 10% - L5



Achievement of targets at end of Key Stage.

UICT co-ordinator, SLT and class teachers.

Principal and SLT.

2 workshops x 18 teachers.

1 full day £4,500

Planning and evaluation.

Time for class teachers and co-ordinator.

Total:  £4,500

GL Data

Assessment Manager/GL data used to identify the learning needs of all pupils and set targets at whole school level.












Outcomes of Assessment Manager/ GL data used to identify the learning needs of all pupils and set targets at class, KS and whole school level.



Ensure at least 15% increase in pupils moving up to the next stanine band in both areas.


Pupils achieve target set either individually, class, key stage or whole school.




Evidence of increase on the stanine review tracking grids.


Core co-ordinators and class teachers.





SLT, Assessment co-ordinators, subject co-ordinators and class teachers.


Principal and SLT.





SLT, Assessment co-ordinators and English and maths co-ordinators.


Bought resources

1 Full staff day x 18 teachers = £4,500.



£4,400 – GL Licence.

Sub Cover for co-ordinators (finance permitting).


Total:  £8,900





A coherent approach to the teaching of reading.

A consistent approach to the teaching of reading in each year group and across the key stages linked to the Additional Needs Programme.

Evidence of these in planners and evaluations, practices (PRSD).

Communication co-ordinator, Year teams, class teachers and support staff.

Principal and SLT.

½ day x 2 = 1 day x 18 teachers = £4,500.

Dedicated time.


Total:  £4,500

A structured agreed approach to the teaching of writing genres using First Steps Programme.

To implement the agreed genres for each year group from First Steps Programme.

Evidence in planners and pupils’ books.

Co-ordinators, year teams and class teachers.

Principal and SLT.

½ day x 2 = 1 day x 18 teachers = £4,500.

Dedicated time.

Total:  £4,500

Talking and Listening

Improving vocabulary of pupils in Nursery and Year 1.

Assessing Language using WellComm implementing strategies (traffic lights).

Evidence of improved speech and increased vocabulary in targetted children.

Co-ordinator, 3 teachers, speech therapist, parents.

Principal and SLT.

Dedicated time Speech Therapist £3,000.

School budget/Extended Schools.

Total:  £3,000

Using Maths

Children will confidently use Place Value and apply it to Problem Solving.  Increase confidence in Mental Maths.

To implement a whole school approach to all aspects of four rules and problem Solving and Peter Patilla’s approach.

Outcomes in GL Maths and Mental Maths tests.


Evidence in planners, pupils work, half term assessments and weekly tests.

SLT, Maths co-ordinator, assessment co-ordinators, class teachers.


Principal and SLT.



½ day x 2 = 1 day x 18 teachers = £4,500.


Total:  £4,500


Teachers and pupils are confident in using Scratch, Coding, iMovie and Green Screen.



Children will have increased awareness of E-Safety practices






Year teams agree and plan to integrate appropriate skills in a meaningful way.




 To up skill children and raise awareness of how to keep safe online.





Evidence in planners, pupils’ work, and end of Key Stage outcomes.





Evidence of children using internet safely.

Co-ordinators, class teachers, external consultants.

Principal, SLT, UICT co-ordinator and class teachers.

£300 workshop fees.

Full day x 18 teachers =  £4,500.


Total:  £4,800



Increased knowledge/Skills in Science for pupils and teachers.


Continued development of Eco Programme to maintain the Green Flag Award.

link Eco and Global Education programme to extend children's knowledge.


Each year group identify 3 topics from scheme to co-plan and teach with STEM consultants.



Eco committee, Eco monitors and litter monitors embedded across the school.

Implement this programme and evaluate it.




Green Flag Award maintained.

WAU co-ordinators, class teachers, STEM team.





Eco committee, class teachers, children and Mrs Bonner.

Principal and SLT.






Eco committee and Mrs Bonner and Mrs L Nash.

4 days per term x 2

8 x £300 = £2,400.

Directed Time.




Dedicated time at staff meetings and class/ school council.

Total:  £2,400

Creative and Expressive

Evidence of a broad range of art experiences across the school.



Evidence in planners, wall displays, pupils’ work.


To identify additional art experiences for each key stage and implement.



Evidence in planners, wall displays, exhibiting pupils’ work, website and Facebook Page.




Art co-ordinator, class teachers.



Principal and SLT.



Dedicated directed time.

Junk materials.


To upskill staff and build confidence to deliver effective gymnastics lessons and continue to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Workshop in gymnastics and make links to healthy lifestyle and diet in ½ term planning.

Children will have experienced gymnastics lessons as part of their PE curriculum.  They will have engaged in healthy lifestyle lessons linking diet and exercise.

RE/HE co-ordinator, class teachers.

Principal and SLT.

2 workshops x 18

= 1 day £4,500.




Total:  £4,500


To use Grow in Love Programme linked to preparation of the Sacraments in Years 1-4.

Embed in Years 1 and 2 and introduce to years 3 and 4.

Evidence in planners, classroom practice, pupils work.


Year 4 preparation for First Communion.

RE co-ordinator, class teachers.

Principal and SLT.

£500 – photocopied

£250 – books = £750



Total:  £750



Increased experience of singing and percussion instruments to accompany singing.

To co-plan 1 lesson per month to be implemented in the classroom.

Evidence in assemblies, other public occasions.

Music specialist in partnership with classroom teachers.

Principal and SLT.

1 music workshop 1.5 hours x 18 = £1,350

Dedicated time.


Total:  £1,350


Increased use of drama in communication and other areas of school life  - Circle Time,  Resilience Education.

To identify and agree at least 1 opportunity per term in each year group/key stage.

Evidence in planners, classroom practice, public occasions.

Co-ordinator, class teachers.

Principal and SLT.

Dedicated directed time.

Additional Needs

A revised policy with agreed practices for class teachers and LSAs to ensure a cohesive programme is delivered through the IEPs.

Redraft policy/practices


Agree practices to be included in IEPs.

Pupils meeting targets set in IEPs.  Improvement scores in GL test outcomes.

SENCO, class teachers, support staff.

Principal and SLT.

½ day for review of policy and practices.

£125 x 18 = £2,250

£ 25 x 18 = £450

2 workshops – review

(1 ½  hours)

£125 x 18 = £2,250

£ 25 x 18 = £450

Total:  £5,400

To review dyslexia friendly classroom approaches.

To have a consistent approach to a dyslexia friendly classroom in each key stage based on SEN resource file.

Evidence in classroom displays, approaches and planners.

SENCO, class teachers, support staff.

Principal and SLT.

1 directed time.

£50 x 18 = £900

£15 x 18 = £270 = £1,170


Total:  £1,170

2 teachers upskilled in assessments for Special Needs – CCET and implementing this programme for identified pupils.

Teachers to complete the assessments programme and achieve certification.

Use this process in school to assess pupils.

SENCO, Literacy Support Teacher.

Principal and SLT.

2 teachers attend afternoon seminar.

£125 x 2 = £250

1 hour per week for 12 weeks

£25 x 2 = 50 x 12 = £600 = £850 – TOTAL:  £1,100


Nurture Education

Continuing development of the Nurturing School.

Identify children to continue to work in the Nurture Centre and Nursery Nurture on emotional and social skills and to integrate successfully into mainstream and nursery.


3 key stage groups.

Each pupil assessed on Boxall Profile.

Nursery children assessed using Boxall for developmental strand only.


Reassessment at end of year will show significant improvements in diagnostic and development strands as appropriate to the Key Stage.


SENCO, Nurture Teacher, Class Teachers, Nursery LSA.


Principal and SLT.


1 Full Time teacher.

1 LSA.


Part time LSA for Nursery

£1,125 - £37.50 weekly.


Nurture funded by DE.

Mainstream teacher and assistant schemes.

Total:  £70,000

Special Units

Pupils within special units achieving their full potential and engaging in the life of the school.

Pupils achieving their full potential through specialist teaching and integration into mainstream classes for identified pupils.

Feedback from pupils, class teachers, assistants and teachers from mainstream.

SENCO, teachers from units, LSAs from units, teachers from mainstream classes.

Principal and SLT.

Planning Time:


0.5 directed time termly x 3

9 x £25 = £225



£15 x3  x 3 = £135

(to cover 3 meetings).



Total:  £360



Pupils will experience a broad range of teaching, learning assessment approaches.

To review and redraft the Teaching, Learning and Assessment Policy.

Evidence of reviewed approaches in half term planners, class lessons (PRSD) and pupils workbooks.


SLT, Curriculum co-ordinators and class teachers.

SLT, Assessment/ Curriculum Co-ordinators.

Directed time per half term.

1hour x 18 x 6

18 x £50 = £5,400


Total:  £5,400


Resilience Education

Staff and pupils upskilled to deal with adverse situations and to build confidence.

Each key stage to use agreed units from Bounce Back Programmes to build resilience skills.


Nursery/Year 2 = Units 1-9 age specific.


Key Stage 1 – Units 1-9 age specific.


Key Stage 2 – Units 1-9 age specific.

Units completed by end of school year for each key stage



Evidence that children are using skills in daily interactions.

PDMU co-ordinator, class teachers.

Principal and SLT.

Bounce Back books 18 x £50 = £900

½ day  review of Bounce Back planning and preparation in each term.


1.5 days x 18 teachers = £6,750


1 30 minute lesson per week for 35 weeks for pupils.


Total:  £7,650

All Year 4-7 pupils to complete PASS survey and to identify, changes, areas for development and attitudes to school.

To use PASS data and identify 3 core areas for improvements/change across the school.

Evidence that targetted areas are being implemented.  Review sessions.


Evidence from follow-up test of improvement for individual pupils.

PDMU co-ordinator, class teachers.



PDMU co-ordinator, class teachers.

Principal and SLT.



Principal and SLT.

£2.25 per test x 190 = £427.50


2 directed times for analysis of data

£100 x 18 = £1,800


Total:  £2,227.50

Relationships and Sex Education

All Governors and staff to have an overview of the Sex Education Programmes promoted by the Derry Diocesan Office.




To provide staff workshop to let governors and staff familiarise themselves with the programme. Teachers to become confident with delivery of aspect of programme in their year group.

All to have a clear understanding of the programme from Year 1- Year 7.

Governors, Principal, SLT, PDMU co-ordinators, class teachers and parents.

Governors, SLT, Principal and PDMU co-ordinators.

½ day

£125 x 18 = £2,250

£ 15 x 18 = £270 = £,2520


Governors = voluntary.



Total:  £2,520


Paired Reading

Paired Reading experiences available to Year 3 pupils by designated assistant and year 6 pupils (on rota basis) 2 Year 6 pupils.

To increase confidence, competence and love of reading.

Evidence of improvements in engagements in reading within class setting and post-test outcomes.

SENCO, Year 3 teachers, K Curley – LSA, 2 year 6 pupils on a rota basis.

Principal, SLT and SENCO.

K Curley – 1 day x 35

£50 x 35 = £1,750




Total:  £1,750

Community Links

Extended Schools

To provide children with a wide range of clubs and extra -curricular activities and to make links with the wider community and RCD to enhance wellbeing, raising standards and pupil self esteem


To continue to use RCD and Leafair Mens’ Association to enhance the services available to the school.


To continue to improve the grounds and environment of the school with Leafair Mens’ Group.





To continue to use RCD centre and food services for Extended Schools Programmes and Parental Programmes.


Evidence of both groups and additional groups being involved in the life of the school each term.


Principal, SLT, Extended Schools Co-ordinator, ECO schools co-ordinator.


Principal, SLT, Extended Schools Co-ordinator, ECO schools co-ordinator.



£15 per hour

1.5 hours x 3 per week = £675.


25 weeks £1,687.50


Leafair Mens Group

£30 per hour x 10 weeks

2.5 hours/week = £750.





Total:  £2,437.50

Grandparents Day

Grandparents engaged in one social event with refreshments  eg  Big Bedtime Read, Christmas Story




To engage the extended family in life of school and a social activity in recognition of their contribution to family life.


Evidence of event taken place by June 2017.


SLT, class teachers.


Principal and SLT.


RCD – refreshments, tea, coffee and drinks for event = £500.



Total:  £500



A revised PDMU Policy to include Resilience Education strategies.


Redraft implement policy and practices – Spring 2017.


Evidence in planners, Resilience Education lessons and feedback from pupils and teachers.


PDMU co-ordinator, class teachers and LSAs.


Principal, SLT, PDMU co-ordinators.


0.5 day x 18 teachers, 18 LSAs

£125 x 18 = £2,250

£ 25 x 18 = £450 = £2,700

Total:  £2,700

Positive Behaviour Policy

A revised Positive Behaviour Policy.



Review and implement revised PDMU Policy and Year Scheme (Spring 2017).



Evidence in pupils’ behaviour in class and unstructured times.  Feedback from teachers and supervisors.



PDMU co-ordinator, class teachers, LSAs, supervisors.



Principal, SLT, PDMU co-ordinators, class teachers.



0.5 days x 18 teachers, 18 LSAs.

£125 x 18 = £2,250

 £25 x 18 =  £450

Total:  £2,700

Attendance Policy

To review Pupils’ Attendance levels in each class and set targets.


To increase the number of pupils achieving 90% or more by 10% of the school year.


10% improved attendance for targetted pupils in each class.






Class teachers, Principal, SLT, parents, EWO.


Principal, SLT, EWO


1 ½  hour workshop x 18 teachers

£75 x 18 = £1,350




Total:  £1,350

Safe Handling Policy

To review Policy and Associated practices.


To have revised Policy in place by Spring 2017.  All staff confident in the implementation of this Policy.


Policy is in place and implemented as appropriate.


Staff in units, class teachers, supervisors in mainstream.


Principal and SLT.


1 ½  hour workshop x 18 teachers

£75 x 18 = £1,350


3 LSAs

£12.50 x 3 = £37.50

Total:  £1,387.50




N.I. Curriculum


What will it look like?







N.I Curriculum:

To promote the development of the UICT Curriculum for both teachers and pupils, in line with CEA guidelines.












To use IPads to support and enhance teaching and learning across the curriculum.









All pupils will become familiar with the new ICT interface comprising of My School and Fronter.

All teachers and assistants will engage in training to ensure they are confident and competent in implementing the new UICT curriculum arrangements.



All pupils will be confident in use of Ipads.

All teachers will receive training on use of Ipads to enhance teaching and learning.


By June pupils will show evidence of having completed a folder of work which will include the six UICT tasks, at the appropriate levels.


Teachers will show evidence of including appropriate tasks in their planners and compile pupils’ folders.





Pupils will use Ipads to reinforce and extend learning.


Teachers will use Ipads as an effective tool for teaching and learning.



UICT co-ordinator

All class teachers
















Ipad trainer -Mr.  P. McGrath

All teachers


Monitoring of half- term planners by UICT co-ordinator. SLT


Monitoring of pupils’ e-folders each term



Key Stage Reviews on staff days to share good practice






End of year Principal and SLT evaluation


1 directed time

17 teachers

x £40 = £680















17 x £200 = £3400

Trainer =     £ 200




Using Mathematics / Music


What will it look like?






Using Mathematics

Pupils will show an improved understanding of investigations and problem solving.




To embed the half-term assessment procedures which feed into CEA portfolios and pupil tracking.








All pupils will continue to become more musically literate in both classroom and whole school setting



Pupils will develop confidence and skills when completing investigations and problem-solving activities.


All pupils will complete half-term assessments.

Teachers will track pupils using half-term assessment tasks and compile individual pupil portfolios.




All pupils  will

 experience new and diverse musical activities in the classroom setting.

Whole school audit of music provision

SLT to purchase appropriate resources.


Improved GL performances in the areas of processes and problem solving.




Evidence in pupils’ books and portfolios.

Evidence in teachers’ planners.









All pupils will engage in an extended range of musical experiences/activities.

Teachers will begin to plan for in-class musical experiences using new percussion resources.


Class teachers

Using Mathematics coordinator


















Specialist music teachers







PRSD Process

Half-term planners

End of Key Stage reviews.

Using Mathematics Co-ordinator

Pupils’ books












Monitoring by SLT



1 directed time

17 teachers

x £40 = £680


















1 directed time

17 teachers

x £40 = £680



World around us / PE


What will it look like?






World Around Us

To introduce a pneumatics and hydraulics unit into KS2 Science.




 To review World Around Us policy and schemes.




All pupils will be able to engage in gymnastics skills in P.E. lessons.


KS2 pupils will complete a unit of work on Pneumatics and Hydraulics.

Train all KS2 teachers to deliver the pneumatics and hydraulics unit.


 All pupils will continue to experience a broad range of activities with the year group.


Pupils will be familiar with a range of gymnastic skills.


Teachers will be up-skilled in planning for and delivering gymnastics lessons.


All teachers will receive training in this area.


Evidence in pupils’ books and practical work

Evidence in teachers planners



 Evidence in pupils books.

Teachers planners




All pupils will use gymnastics skills to enhance their physical development.


All teachers will be confident in delivering a gymnastics programme within their PE year scheme.



Class teachers

WAU coordinator






Class teachers

WAU coordinator





P.E. Coordinator

Monitor half-term planners and pupils’ work / books.







Monitor half-term planners and pupils’ work / books.




Monitoring by SLT




SLT & P.E. co-ordinator will monitor and evaluate






1 directed time

6   teachers

x £40 = £240




 Workshops 2x12 teachers = £1920




2 hour workshop

 £80 x 17 =

£1360 +

Training fee = £100

£ 1460



Pastoral Care


What will it look like







To help keep children safe online






All pupils will experience the nurturing process.












 All pupils will continue to engage in the Positive Behavior Programme.






Pupils will follow the school guidelines for online safety

Teachers and learning assistants will implement the e policy to ensure the safety of children on line


Pupils will have nurturing experiences within the classroom setting and wider school activities.





Identified pupils will experience focused nurturing experiences in the centre/corner.

All teachers and staff will be up-skilled in the nurture principles and practices. 




Pupils will engage in appropriate aspects of the policy, parents will be informed and engage as appropriate. 

All pupils will know how to protect themselves and others in order to ensure their safety and well-being.




All teachers will confidently plan for, implement and monitor the school’s

child protection policies  for the children in their care.


All pupils will have good self esteem and self confidence as a result of the nurturing process.


Teachers will be up-skilled and will implement the nurturing principles.



A positive learning environment will be evident and staff, pupils and parents will be committed to it.









DCP teachers

Class teachers








Nurture Centre teacher, assistant

Key staff

All other teachers and assistants

 Whole staff















DCP teachers and SLT will monitor and evaluate the process to ensure the protection of all pupils and staff




Ongoing monitoring by Principal, SLT , Nurture Centre team

And Department of Education.













Whole staff

Pupils' Council


1 directed time

17 teachers

x £40 = £680

10 assistants x 10 = £100

Total = £780



1 day training = 500












1 directed time

17x40 = £680


4 sub cover days



What will it look like












Links with feeder schools

To develop links with other nursery schools,

Surestart and outside agencies.


Additional Needs

To ensure targeted pupils achieve their full potential.

















To further involve parents in the extended schools programme

Key personnel will complete the Nurture Accreditation Programme




To initiate a formal liaison programme with feeder Nursery schools, Surestart groups and other agencies.



Targeted pupils will receive small group

support to meet their needs in Communication and using Mathematics. Pupils achieving above average scores in Literacy and Numeracy will receive more challenging work.

Teachers will use effective teaching and learning strategies linked to IEP’s.

Class teacher and support teachers will work in partnership to ensure effective teaching and learning strategies are linked to IEP’s.



Parents will be involved in at least four of the schools clubs and programmes

6 key staff will complete the 3 day training programme.




Nursery and Y1 teachers will have established links with

other schools and agencies


All targeted pupils will have received relevant support linked to half term planners and IEP’s. Teachers and learning support teachers will deliver the work planned in the IEP’s.












Parents and pupils will engage in a range of activities



Key Nurture Centre Staff







Class teachers





Class teachers

Learning Support


















Extended schools Co-ordinator.








Nursery and Y1 teachers





Monitored by SENCO, SLT, class teachers and learning support teachers.

















Programmes and attendance will be monitored by the Extended Schools Co-ordinator and SLT

3 days training x 6 people = ££3000

Subcover for 3 days = £1700

Trainer fee = £500


Maths support teacher

114 sessions =

£ 2500




Communication support teacher

152 sessions=

£ 3500

Communication support teacher =

114 sessions =

£ 2500


Staff Development


What will it look like?







To enhance the professional skills of all staff through a planned programme of staff development, including PRSD/IIP.










To familiarise staff with the new software and hardware systems – My School and Fronter








To introduce new staff to the culture, processes and procedures of the school.





By June all staff will have completed a review cycle linked to their identified targets.


Teachers / assistants will receive training  in targeted curriculum areas

Assistants will be involved in agreed aspects of these areas.

All assistants will have a formal review and feedback.



By June teachers and assistants will be familiar with My School and Fronter and iPads and use these to support pupils’ learning.

The co-ordinator will complete appropriate training and cascade to all staff.


Core Co-Ordinators and the SLT will support the new staff in their understanding of procedures and systems within the school including EPD and IIP.

All staff will grow professionally through annual reviews, observations and feedback, in order to utilise their strengths and skills.


Teachers will deliver the targeted curriculum effectively.


Short observations for LSA’s with feedback



Teachers will use My School and Fronter to enhance teaching and learning experiences.








New staff will feel secure, confident and valued in their roles


Designated staff members



Vice Principal

Class Teachers










UICT Co-ordinator

Core Co-ordinators

All teachers









Core Co-ordinators


New teachers


Feedback from LSA’s

and designated  staff member



Monitored by SLT












UICT Co-ordinator











Core Co-ordinators


1 day x 4 teachers = 4 x £200

= £ 800




1 day sub cover x 2

 days for V.P =






3 days x 17 teachers =

(17 x 200) x 3 =


assistants = £50 x 10=






1 meeting per half-term

6 meetings =

£40 x 6 coordinators

£40 x 6 teachers =



Accommodation & Resources


What will it look like?






Accommodation / Resources


To extend existing outdoor provision



To establish a nursery corner room





Te enhance play experiences for FS




To maintain existing building presentation through a continuing painting programme.











To acquire additional play resources



To refurbish existing store room and acquire core resources for story, sensory and kitchen areas.


To extend existing range of resources to ensure coverage of all areas of play.


Identify areas requiring painting in main public areas.




By October 2013 have additional play resources in place


By mid September – established and in use.





To have resources in place for September 2013



To have all areas painted





Nursery teacher




Nursery assistant






Foundation Stage teachers.




P. Bradley





Feedback from Nursery staff and pupils



Feedback from nursery assistant, parents and pupils




Teachers and pupils’ feedback.





Building supervisor




£500- resources

















Budget and Management