St Brigid’s Primary School will undertake to ensure compliance with the relevant legislation with
regard to the provision of first aid for all employees and to ensure best practice by extending th
arrangements as far as is reasonably practicable to children and others who may also be affected by our

Responsibility for first aid provision at St Brigid’s is held by the Principal and Vice principal who is the responsible! manager. This is delegated to the Teachers, Teaching Assistants and other nominated staff. All first aid provision is arranged and managed in accordance with EA/CCMS guidelines.

All staff have a statutory obligation to follow and co-operate with the requirements of this policy.

The purpose of first aid is to ensure that any immediate danger and discomfort is alleviated. First aid is
intended to be the minimum level of care, and any further diagnosis or extended care should be p
on to medical professionals. This policy aims to ensure that everyone concerned with first aid, wheth
practitioner or recipient, is kept safe.


Our first aid policy requirements will be achieved by:

  • Carrying out a First Aid Needs Assessment to determine the first aid provision requirements for
    our premises
  • It is our policy to ensure that the First Aid Needs Assessment will be reviewed periodically or
    following any significant changes that may affect first aid provision.
  • The WELB Accident Report Forms will be used for all incidents involving staff and pupils.
  • Ensuring that there are a sufficient number of trained first aiders on duty and available for the ;

           numbers and risks on the premises in accordance with the First Aid Needs Assessment              

  • Ensuring that there are suitable and sufficient facilities and equipment available to administer first
    aid in accordance with the First Aid Needs Assessment
  • Ensuring the above provisions are clear and shared with all who may require them.          

The responsible manager will ensure that appropriate numbers of qualified first aiders and appointed
persons are appointed as identified by the completion
of the First Aid Needs Assessment and that they
have the appropriate level of training to respond to initial individual staff and pupil needs.

Qualified First Aid Staff

At St Brigid’s Primary School, all staff, where possible, are trained in First Aid.

All teaching assistants, Supervisors and some teachers also are trained in First Aid, these are:

  • Miss M O’Doherty,
  • Ms P Martin,
  • Mrs A Rafferty,
  • Mrs L Doherty,
  • Miss G McCloskey
  • Miss C Canney,
  • Mr P Divin,
  • Mrs M McKinney,
  • Mrs D Johnston,
  • Mrs C McManus,
  • Miss M Doherty,
  • Ms Gemma Carruthers,
  • Mrs S McClean

Staff will be responsible for administering first aid, in accordance with their training, to those that become
injured or fall ill whilst at work or on the premises. There may also be other duties and respon
which are identified and delegated to the first aider (e.g. first aid kit inspections)/ completing reports.

The qualified first aider is someone who has been trained and holds a First Aid At Work certificated course.

First Aid Provision

Our First Aid Needs Assessment has identified the following first aid kit requirements:

  • Computer Suite
  • Foundation Stage Play Area
  • Nursery Class
  • Special Classes
  • Staffroom.

It is the responsibility of the qualified first aider/appointed person to check the contents of all first aid kits
every half term and request the Vice principal to restock as necessary. : I

The DISABLED TOILET, complete with sink and shower cubicle is designated as the first aid room ton
treatment, sickness and the administering of first aid where privacy or particular hygiene requirements
are necessary.


Children With Illnesses

A list of children with illnesses that may require first aid treatment is distributed to class teacher and a copy
is kept with the accident book.

Hygiene Infection Control

All staff should take precautions to avoid infection and must follow basic hygiene procedures. Staff
should have access to single-use disposable gloves and hand washing facilities,
and should take care
when dealing with blood or other body fluids and disposing of dressings or equipment.

Contact With Parents.

Parents should be involved by class teacher or office staff in the event of an injury being sustained and first aid
being administered. In the case of a bump to the head, is ESSENTIAL that parents are contacted immediately or other named relative and asked to come to the school to see their child.

Emergency Arrangements \.
In the event of an accident, the first aid person is administer first aid in line with their training and inform the class teacher or Principal. :

Following their assessment of the injured person, they are to administer appropriate first aid and, in consultation with the Principal / Vice principal, call an ambulance.
balanced judgement as to whether there is a requirement to call an ambulance.

The manager is to always call an ambulance on the following occasions:

  • In the event of a serious injury
  • In the event of any significant head injury
  • In the event of a period of unconsciousness
  • Whenever there is the possibility of a fracture or where this is suspected
  • Whenever the first aid person is unsure of the severity of the injuries
  • Whenever the first aid person is unsure of the correct treatment

In the event of an accident involving a child, where appropriate, it is our policy to always notify parents of
their child's accident if it:

  • is considered to be a serious (or more than minor) injury
  • requires attendance at hospital

Our procedure for notifying parents will be to use all telephone numbers available to contact them and

leave a message should the parents not be contactable.                                                                        I

In the event that parents cannot be contacted and a message has been left, our policy will be to continue
to attempt to make contact with the parents every hour. In the interim, we will ensure that the qualified
first aid person, appointed person or another member of staff remains with the child until the parents can be
contacted and arrive (as required).

In the event that the child requires hospital treatment and the parents cannot be contacted prior to
attendance, the qualified first aid person/appointed person/another member of staff will accompany the child t
hospital and remain with them until the parents can be contacted and arrive at the hospital.


All accidents requiring first aid treatment are to be recorded on WELB report form with (at least) the following information:

  • Name of injured person
  • Date of the accident
  • Type of accident (e.g. bump on head etc)
  • Treatment provided and action taken
  • Name of the qualified first aid person




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