St. Brigid’s Primary and Nursery School

Complaints Procedure – Policy Statement


At St. Brigid’s we are committed to improving our service. We appreciate feedback and use this information, wherever possible, to help maintain and improve our service. We encourage and welcome all comments and views.

This policy is designed to establish a clear mechanism for the resolution of complaints which can be verbal, written or e-mailed. Our comments / complaints policy is outlined below.



Our Complaints Procedure aims to:

  • provide an efficient and thorough system through which issues are effectively addressed

  • facilitate the school in providing the best possible service for its pupils and the local community

  • provide a simple, speedy and accessible service that respects confidentiality

  • be courteous and respectful

  • address issues arising from complaints in a fair and honest manner within the timescales set out

  • treat individuals and groups with openness, equality and inclusiveness

  • keep people informed of progress and final outcome the issues raised

  • be simple, easily accessible and easy to use

These procedures do not replace or supplement other established procedure and/or appeals mechanisms in such areas as Child Protection, Special Education, Admissions, Suspensions and Expulsions etc.

In addition, where it becomes evident at an early stage that the nature of your complaint may give rise to future disciplinary action, these procedures will be set aside in favour of other established Disciplinary Procedures.

We are not able to deal with anonymous complaints and therefore these procedures do not provide for a resolution of anonymous complaints except for the referral of child protection concerns to the appropriate Child Protection Procedures and Guidelines.


Complaints Procedure – Steps to be taken

  • All complaints from parents or guardians with regard to the curriculum or any other matter should be made in the first instance to the Principal.

  • If the matter is not resolved within five working days then the complaint should be made in writing and sent to the Principal.

  • If the matter is still unresolved within a further five working days then the complaint should be made in writing and sent by recorded delivery, addressed to the Chairperson of the Board of Governors:


    Mrs Angela Large

    St. Brigid’s Primary and Nursery School

    578 Carnhill Estate


    BT48 8BZ


  • Your complaint will be acknowledged by letter within five working days and a formal investigation of the complaint will be instigated.

  • You will normally be issued with a full response within 20 working days from initial receipt of your letter to the Chairperson. You will be notified if our response time is likely to exceed this time frame.


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