We believe that the quality of education is closely connected to the way in which assessment of children informs the curriculum.  The whole child is important – social, emotional, physical, intellectual and moral developments are interrelated.  It is essential therefore to assess the whole child as he/she learns.




By “assessment” we mean the identification of the progress and future learning needs of children through observations which are evaluated, recorded and shared with parents, so that each child’s particular needs are met.




We aim to ensure that new learning is provided in a meaningful context that is closely related to children’s previous experience.  Our assessment procedures are therefore closely linked to our planning and contribute to the creation of a profile of each child.




  • Parents and children are the starting point for our records – parents will be asked to complete a ‘’Development Record of Achievement’’ and a ‘’Personal Information book’’.
  • Assessment is based on observations and records of what the child can do.
  • Staff will observe children as part of their normal daily work in play, self-chosen activities and adult directed activities.
  • Any significant developments will be recorded each term as they happen i.e. adopting a holistic approach to learning.
  • A formal assessment of each child’s progress will be carried out at the beginning of term 1, 2 and 3.
  • The WELLCOMM Assessment toolkit will be used in September to assess the children’s understanding and language development. From this language groups will be established to educate and support the child in their learning. A further assessment will be carried out in January and April to ascertain progression.
  • Observations/assessment are analyzed to highlight achievements and the need for further support. Individual Targets are established for each child as a result and are reviewed termly to decipher progression and further needs.
  • Assessments are used to inform planning.
  • Records of a child’s achievements are shared with parents throughout the nursery year including a written report in the third term.
  • Samples of a child’s work and photographs of him/her at play will be kept in Individual Profiles. This will act as a record of achievement and ‘memento’ for the child to keep at home.
  • Information about pupils’ progress will be shared with primary one teachers.  This will inform primary one teachers’ baseline assessment of the pupils.


Monitoring and Evaluation


This policy will be monitored by the nursery co-ordinator on an ongoing basis.



Review This policy will be kept under constant review and will be formally reviewed by June 2014 by the nursery teacher and principal.